Yoga Classes in Phoenix, AZ

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice of balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. Yoga consists of a series of postures and breathing that still the mind and heal the body to free the spirit. In local Phoenix Yoga Classes, you will learn how to use breath and gentle stretching postures for physical healing, mental peace and spiritual enlightenment. Through the practice of Yoga, the Life Nerve called Kundalini is gently raised to awaken one to their Infinite consciousness and achieve Union with the Absolute or "Yoga."

Spirit Tao Yoga conducts seminars in Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga all over the country including Yoga seminars Phoenix, AZ.

Upcoming Yoga classes in the Phoenix area
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please email info(at)spirittao(dot)com to arrange Spirit Tao Yoga Seminars in Phoenix, AZ.

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